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How to pick the best fountain for your pond



With numerous fountains, selecting the right pond fountain that best meets your needs can be challenging. To assist you in addressing this issue, let's examine the purposes of getting a fountain.


Esthetically Pleasing:  A well-placed pond fountain becomes a conversation starter and a gathering point during social affairs. Its visual allure draws people in, making it a natural focal point for engagement and interaction. The pond fountain adds an air of sophistication and luxury to any outdoor area. Its presence elevates the space, evoking a feeling of refined taste and thoughtful design. Many pond fountains have the option for lighting. When night falls, these lights create an entirely new dimension of beauty. The illuminated water jets cast enchanting reflections and shadows, adding a touch of drama to the nighttime landscape.


Pond Health:  A pond fountain significantly enhances the health of a pond through various mechanisms. Creating water movement disrupts mosquito breeding, discourages algae growth, and promotes oxygen exchange. This leads to improved water quality, reduced stagnation, elimination of foul odors, and a healthier ecosystem for aquatic life. Overall, a pond fountain plays a vital role in maintaining the balance and vitality of a pond.


With a quick rundown of the reasons to choose a pond fountain, you must decide what type best suits your pond. There are two types—decorative fountains and aerating fountains.


Aerating Fountains: Aerating fountains are created to provide ponds with ample water displacement and aeration. As a result of this design, the spray pattern may be limited, but it is still quite pleasing.

Kasco Marine VFX aerating pond fountain


Decorative Fountains:  Decorative fountains come in a wide variety of spray patterns. While they still provide water displacement and aeration, they do so on a smaller scale than aerating fountains.

Pond Depth: When selecting a fountain, you will need to consider the pond's depth. Each fountain will show its required minimum depth in the specifications section. Ensure you add a buffer to the pond depth to account for water loss due to evaporation, drainage, or any other factor that may decrease your pond water depth over time. A good starting point would be an extra foot of water beyond the minimum depth. 


Spray Pattern: Checking the spray pattern is crucial to ensure it remains within the boundaries of the pond. If the circumference of the pond is small, but the spray pattern is wide, the fountain may over-spray onto the bank and cause inconvenience to your guests or yourself. It's also important to note that wind may influence wide patterns. If the fountain sprays close to the pond's edge, a strong wind could cause overspray onto the bank.


Choosing the appropriate fountain for your pond requires careful consideration of various details. Familiarizing yourself with the factors mentioned above will assist you in selecting the ideal fountain for your pond. If you have any questions to assist you with your decision further, please email us at or call us at 1-800-627-1718