Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

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Warranty Information

Warranty Information Scott Aerator Co.

5 Year Warranty 

  • Motor Defects in material or workmanship 

1 Year Warranty

  • All other product components

Product Return

  • Product shipping is prepaid if the factory inspection concludes the part was defective.
  • The defective product or components must be returned to the manufacturer before shipment of any replacement parts or units.
  • Replacement parts or units are returned prepaid shipping.
  • Scott Aerator Co. will not be held liable for components damaged after conducting self-repairs.
  • All warranties start from the date of purchase.

Contact Information

  • Phone Numbers
    • 1-800-928-3745
    • 616-392-8860
    • 616-3928860 (FAX)
  • Email
    • Technical support
    • General inquiries
  • Hours of operation
    • Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM EST


Kasco Marine Warranty


2 Years

  • For 1/2HP, 3/4HP, and 1HP models, including controllers
  • For All 50Hz Fountains, Aerators, De-Icers, and Circulators
  • For LEDC11 composite light kits
  • For RGB LED light kits
  • For all Teich-Aire Compressors


3 Years

  • For 2HP, 3HP, and 5HP VFX and AF models, including controllers
  • For 2HP J Series models, including controllers
  • For LEDS19 Stainless Steel Light Kits
  • For CertiSafe Municipal Mixers


5 Years

  • For 3HP, 5HP, and 71/2HP J Series models, including controllers
  • For Diffuser Assemblies on a Robust-Aire system
  • For Base Mount and Post Mount Cabinets used with the Robust-Aire systems


10 Years

  • For Sure Sink Weighted Tubing used with a Robust-Aire System


Warranty will be VOID if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The product is not maintained per the owner's manual maintenance recommendations included with the unit.
  • The unit is returned for maintenance without the power cord.
  • The unit's control box or power cord has been altered from its original factory shipment.
  • The product was used without the supplied GFI protected circuit or the Kasco control panel if it were provided.
  • The unit is damaged by unauthorized tampering.
  • The sacrificial zinc anode shows significant deterioration around the propeller shaft.

Kasco Marine, Inc.
800 Deere Road, Prescott, WI 54021
(Or call 715-262-4488 to locate nearest authorized repair center.)

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