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Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

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Aquaticlear™ Circulator 1/2HP-Universal Mount Packages (120V)-Model 2400CDM

The Circulator That Tackles The Toughest Jobs With Ease!

How Circulators Work: Circulators create a robust and directional flow of water. This continuous water movement solves the most common aquatic issues by removing debris, increasing oxygen transfer, and eliminating stagnant areas.


Why Kasco Aquaticlear™ Clog Resistant Circulators?

Kasco holds the most dependable and versatile circulators on the market. With units specifically designed to perform year-round in both saltwater and lakefront environments, there is an unlimited variety of applications.

Strength and Reliability: Motor, external metal, and hardware are made of stainless steel composition and protected by sacrificial zinc anode. Hard-face internal mechanical seals for leak protection and oil lubrication for superb heat dissipation set Kasco motors apart from competitors.

Unlimited Applications of Use:
-Industrial mixing
-Retention ponds
-Limits mosquitos
-Marina trash removal
-Stirs stagnant water
-Water tanks
-Tank storage
-Tank mixing
-Water treatment mixing
-Dye mixing
-Odor reduction by a continuous movement of water
-Lagoon basins
-Fracking lakes and ponds
-Break up thermal stratification

Facts and Features:
-Works well with other aeration devices
-Creates the most directional flow
-For hard to reach areas, including dead ends and canals where traditional aeration can’t
-Float (CF), Dock mount (CUD), or Industrial Dock Mount (CID) mounting options
-Size based on the area of need, with the general rule being 3/4HP per acre
-Single-phase options 1⁄2-2HP
-3 phase option for 2HP
-50ft - 500ft power cord
-2-year warranty on 1⁄2-1HP
-3-year warranty on 2HP, with optional extended warranty

Packages Include:
-Power cord
-Mooring lines
-Horizontal float, with additional mounting options available
-Optional: control panel and controller

 Model Number  HP 

Phase Thrust (lbs)
2400CUD 1/2 120 1 31