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Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

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Aquaticlear™ Clog Resistant Circulator 1HP-Universal Mount Packages (120V)-Model 4400CDM

The Circulator That Tackles The Toughest Jobs With Ease!

How Circulators Work: Circulators create a robust and directional flow of water. This continuous movement of water solves the most common aquatic issues by removing debris, increasing oxygen transfer, and aiding in the elimination of stagnant areas.


Why Kasco Circulators?

Kasco holds the most dependable and versatile circulators on the market. With units specifically designed to perform year-round in both saltwater and lakefront environments, there is an unlimited variety of applications.

Strength and Reliability: Motor, external metal, and hardware are made of stainless steel composition and protected by sacrificial zinc anode. Hard-face internal mechanical seals for leak protection and oil lubrication for superb heat dissipation set Kasco motors apart from competitors.

Unlimited Application of Use:
-Industrial mixing
-Retention ponds
-Limits mosquitos
-Marina trash removal
-Stirs stagnant water
-Water tanks
-Tank storage
-Tank mixing
-Water treatment mixing
-Dye mixing
-Odor reduction by a continuous movement of water
-Lagoon basins
-Fracking lakes and ponds
-Break up thermal stratification

Facts and Features:
-Works well with other aeration devices
-Creates the most directional flow
-For hard to reach areas, including dead ends and canals where traditional aeration can’t
-Float (CF), Dock mount (CUD), or Industrial Dock Mount (CID) mounting options
-Size based on the area of need, with the general rule being 3/4HP per acre
-Single-phase options 1⁄2-2HP
-3 phase option for 2HP
-50ft - 500ft power cord
-2-year warranty on 1⁄2-1HP
-3-year warranty on 2HP, with optional extended warranty

Packages Include:
-Power cord
-Mooring lines
-Horizontal float, with additional mounting options available
-Optional: control panel and controller

 Model Number  HP 

Phase Thrust (lbs)
4400CUD 1 120 1 44