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Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

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Surface Aerators 1HP (240V)-Model 4400HA/4400HAF/4400HAF (BTM SCR)

The Best In Surface Aeration!

How Aerators Work: Aerators mix your water thoroughly by pushing high volumes of water into the air. This churning process helps increase your water's overall health by delivering 3lbs of O2 per horsepower each hour of operation.

Application Uses: anywhere you need excellent oxygen transfer without the need of a fountain display for a relatively shallow pond

-Water treatment

-Fish farming

-Industrial aeration


-Residential and commercial golf aeration

-Industrial aeration

The Benefits: Good for your average-sized pond

-Best aeration efficiency (more oxygen placed in the water quickly)

-High oxygen transfer

-Produces 3lbs of oxygen roughly per HP per hour of operation

-Easily transported 

-Installation only requires one person

Facts and Features:

-1HP per acre

-3lbs of oxygen per HP per hour on 1/2HP to 1HP

-Single and 3 phase options

-1/2HP to 5HP sizes

-2-year warranty 1/2HP to 1HP

-3-year warranty 2-5HP

-Optional extended warranty to 5 years

-Optional controller

-Optional lighting

-Optional bottom screens to protect fish and other small animals

-50ft to 500ft power cords

Packages include:

-Power cord

-Optional Float and mounting hardware

-Optional: bottom screen, lighting package, and control panels for all single-phase units


60Hz Model Size (HP) Phase Voltage AMPS Minimum Depth
4400A 1 1 208-240 4.5 19"