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Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

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Bubble Pro Mini Sub-Surface Aerator

Max Pond Aeration in a Small Package!

Bubbler Pro Mini Sub-Surface Aerator 115V-230V

  • This system is a great way to increase the water quality and appearance of a pond while maintaining the natural look of your pond.
  • This is also a good system for keeping your dock free of ice all winter season
  • This model has one diffuser module that sits at the bottom of a lake or pond.  The diffuser module is connected by weighted Quick Sink tubing, which is connected to a compressor onshore.
  • The compressor pumps air through the weighted tubing, which intern releases thousands of small bubbles to the surface producing oxygen, water transfer, and other gas transfer. 

The Bubble Pro Mini sub-Surface Aerator Package Includes:

  • 1 diffuser
  • 1 length of 100FT x ⅜-inch Quick Sink weighted tubing 
    • Additional tubing is available
  • ¼ HP rocking piston compressor
  • An air outlet with a pressure relief valve 
  • All fittings and clamps required for this package included
    • Additional clamps and fittings are available if needed
  • Easy installation
  • 2-year warranty

Additional accessories

  • Weatherproof compressor cabinet
  • Steel weatherproof compressor cabinet

Coverage Area

  • ¼ acre at 5 to 8 Feet in pond depth
  • ½ acre at 9 to 12 Feet in pond depth
  • 1 acre at 13 to 16 Feet in pond depth