Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

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Anjon Big Frog Pond Pumps™

A Strong, Dependable, Efficient, Pond Pump.

Big Frog Pumps are strong, durable, and dependable, with a less than 1% return ratio. These high-quality pond pumps are constructed of stainless steel and reinforced fiberglass allowing these tremendous pumps to resist corrosion and abrasion. Engineered to run 24 hours a day, with superior seals built-in allows for longevity and efficiency of Big Frog Pumps. These unique pond pumps can pass solids up to 1.25” in diameter without a problem. With safety in mind, overload sensors are built in to prevent overheating or burnout. Not filled with oil is good for the environment while at the same time safe for fish, wildlife, and pond plants. A protective guard designed on the pump keeps fish or other wildlife from being sucked into your Big Frog Pump. For the best in pond pumps, make Big Frog Pumps your #1 choice today!