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Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

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Scott Aerator Beachroller Weed Eliminator

Roll weeds away with the Beachroller Weed Eliminator!

The Beachroller Weed Eliminator is a highly effective, simple to use aquatic tool that eliminates lake and pond weeds at the roots. As you roll it over the bottom of the lake or pond, it cuts and pulls the weeds by the roots. At the same time, it loosens muck and silt at the bottom, allowing good bacteria to move in and start the process of reducing muck and decay. The roller portion is 2-feet wide, fully equipped with six custom blades. Attached to the Beachroller is a 15-foot handle, allowing you to cover large areas. The rollers design prevents weeds from sticking to it, stopping the need to clear weeds off of the roller, making more efficient use of your time.

How to use the Beachroller Weed Eliminator

  1. Place the Beachroller in the water
  2. Let it fill with water and fully sink to the bottom
  3. Push the roller along the bottom of your lake or pond
  4. The six custom blades will rip, cut, and pull up weeds while loosening muck and silt
  5. Repeat the process till cleared of weeds