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Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

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Scott Aerator DA-20 Display Aerator 1-1/2 hp 230V

The DA-20 is the perfect mix of function and style.  First, this unit easily moves algae off the water's surface with its incredible flow rate. It clarifies the water by creating water circulation and oxygen transfer, and it prevents annoying pests from using your pond as a breeding ground.  Fish will thrive in the highly oxygenated water, while muck and decaying debris are broken down at the bottom of the pond.

This model is functional and also a beautiful focal point in your pond.  The DA-20 produces a funnel-shaped spray pattern that looks as amazing as it sounds.  An optional light kit is available to show off the DA-20's distinct look even in the evening.

As remarkable as the DA-20 is in function and beauty, its engineering is what truly sets it apart from its competitors.  Constructed stainless steel, designed to be oil-free and fully submersible, makes this unit the most environmentally friendly aerator/fountain on the market.  Storage in the winter is made easy by simply unplugging the unit and leaving it in the water.  The freezing water will not damage the unit, no matter how harsh the condition is.  

The Da-20 is proudly made right here in the USA.  The unit has a 5-year motor warranty and comes with 100 feet of submersible 12 gauge power cable.  Greater lengths of cable are available, as well as optional light sets.  

This model can be used in saltwater and is ARL tested and approved to meet compliance with UL and the National Electric Code's applicable requirements.  GFCI is required.  Disconnect power if swimmers are present.  


  • Motor-1½HP, 230V, 60Hz, single-phase, 10.6 amps, 1780 watts.
  • 600 gallons-per-minute flow rate
  • Spray pattern- 10 feet high and 25 feet wide
  • Spray pattern width is adjustable 
  • The standard power cable is 100 feet long, 12 gauge submersible, with a plug.  Longer lengths are available.
  • Easy to install optional light kits available
  • Approved for saltwater 
  • Two 40 pound weights required for anchoring (not included).
  • Two nylon ropes are needed for anchoring (not included).
  • Engineered for 24 hours per day operation
  • No Maintenance required
  • 38” minimum pond depth needed
  • 5-year motor warranty

Specs & Assembly (PDF)

Anchoring Instructions (PDF)

Brochure (PDF)