Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

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Scott Aerator Free Standing Pole

No Dock? No Problem with a Scott Free Standing Pole!

Are you a fan of our AquaSweep and Dock Mount De-Icer products but don't have a dock? No worries! You can still enjoy the benefits of these products with our super sturdy 7-foot-long Free Standing Post that can be installed directly into the ground beneath the water. 

The best part is that you don't need any special installation tools. Use the steel sleeve provided to drive the post into the lake bottom, and then mount your AquaSweep or Dock De-Icer to the post using the included dock post mounting bracket. 

The Free Standing Post comes with a dock post mounting bracket and enables you to blast muck further from shore or in areas where you don't have a dock. However, please note that the Oscillator cannot be used in conjunction with the Free Standing Post.