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Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

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Scott Aerator Muck Pellets

Reduce muck, improve water clarity, and neutralize foul odors!

If your lake or pond has a mucky bottom or foul-smelling murky water, it's time to treat this problem with Scott Aerators Muck Pellets. Harmful nitrites, nitrates, ammonia, phosphates, decaying organic matter, sludge, or muck can all cause a toxic aquatic environment that can kill fish, produce foul odors, and create algae blooms that contribute to hazy, unclear water. 

How muck pellets work is to release billions of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that begin to digest organic material, eliminating muck and sludge, clearing up murky, cloudy water, and neutralizing foul odors. They reduce phosphates and nitrates, helping to prevent algae blooms that can deplete oxygen and kill fish. When it comes to pond or lake maintenance for vibrant, healthy ponds, make Scotts Muck Pellets part of your routine.  

Scott Aerators Muck Pellets are 100% natural, containing zero harmful chemicals. They include seven types of beneficial bacteria that are effective in all temperature ranges of water.  

Muck Pellets product features:

  • Pond Muck remover
  • Pond Sludge remover
  • Contributes to preventing algae blooms
  • Aids in clearing up murky water
  • Neutralizes foul odors
  • Aids in reducing nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, and ammonia
  • Reduces organic waste caused by animals

Dosage recommendations

  •  Lakes and large ponds should use five pounds per surface acre every two to four weeks.
  • One five-pound jar of muck pellets will treat one surface acre of water at an average depth of five feet.
  • Disperse muck pellets in different locations in your pond or lake that you wish to treat.