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Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

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Scott Aerator Skyward Fountain 1/2-hp 115V-230V

The Skyward is the perfect fountain for commercial and residential applications.  This distinct fountain projects a cone of flowing water, highlighting a powerful water column in the center.  This fountain's unique feature is that it gives you the ability to adjust the center column's height to your ideal size.  Larger horsepower models are available for even greater center column heights.  The Skyward is also practicable by enhancing the aquatic environment's health, improving the water clarity by circulating water, and creating oxygen transfer.  Optional light packages are available to give an even more stunning look to this fountain.

The Skyward fountain is constructed of stainless steel and an oil-free submersible motor, allowing it to operate 24 hours a day and still be environmentally friendly. This Product comes standard with 70 feet of submersible 12-gauge cable with options up to 150 feet.  

The Skyward fountain is manufactured right here in the USA, environmentally friendly, and tough as nails. Scott backs this up with a 5-year warranty on its motor. Scott fountains are ARL tested and approved to comply with the UL and the National Electric Code's applicable requirements. 


  • Motor-1/2HP, 115V (230V available), 60Hz, single-phase, 10 amps, 670 watts, oil-free.
  • 50 gallons-per-minute.
  • The power cable is 12-gauge submersible.
  • The Center stream reaches up to 20 feet high
  • A mushroom spray pattern reaches 35 feet in diameter
  • Use in saltwater is approved.
  • Two 20 pound weights are required for anchoring (not included). 
  • Two nylon ropes are required for anchoring(not included).
  • Manufactured for 24-hour a day operation.
  • No Maintenance needed.
  • 36-inch minimum pond depth needed.
  • 5-year motor warranty.
  • Optional lighting kits available now or later.
  • GFCI is required.  Disconnect power when swimmers are present

Specs & Assembly (PDF)

Anchoring Instructions (PDF)