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Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

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Scott Aerator Timers (115V-230V) Model# 20036/20039


The 115V timer is the perfect companion to use with Scott’s line of 115V fountains, aerators, and light sets.  Simply plug it in, set the time you want, and enjoy time and energy savings.  


  • Rugged outdoor plastic case

  • Measurements

    • 5”H(12.7cm) x 5½”W(13.97cm) x 3¾”Deep(9.52cm)   

  • Comes with a 22FT power cord, that has a 3 prong grounded plug.

  • 24-hour timer

    • 23½ hour maximum on time 

    • 2 on/off trippers included

    • The dial will accept up to 12 sets of trippers


This universal residential timer uses an electromechanical time switch.  The 40 amp time switch automatically detects the input voltage without the use of a DIP switch or selector pins.  The time switch automatically selects any voltage between 110-277VAC.


  • 40 amp rating

  • Power and status light indicators

  • 24-hour timer/skip a day/7 day programming

  • Captive trippers-trippers cannot be lost

  • Auto voltage selection 120 VAC-277 VAC

  • Input up to 48 on/off operations per week

  • DPDT switching configuration standard (2 N.O. And 2 N.C. Contacts)

  • Manual 3 way OFF/AUTO/ON override switch

  • Mounted in a compact UL Type 3R outdoor enclosure