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Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00!

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Scott Aerator Weed Razor

Slice through weeds with a Weed Razor!

The Weed Razor is designed to efficiently and quickly cut through weeds. Forget using harmful chemicals to treat your pond or lake; instead, this cost-effective, the environmentally friendly aquatic tool takes care of weeds like milfoil, hydrilla, cattails, and lily pads with ease. Throw the Weed Razor from shore, a dock, or even a boat! With the tool's lightweight design, you can hurl it up to 30-feet! Once thrown, let it sink to the bottom, then retract it cutting a 48-inch lane through the weeds. The Weed Razor cuts the weeds at their base, preventing any dragging or ripping of the weeds. For harvesting, the cut weeds pairing this lake weed cutter with the Lake Raker is highly effective.

How to use the Weed Razor

  1. Throw it out
  2. Let the Razor sink to the bottom
  3. Reel in with short jerking movements 
  4. Repeat this procedure until the area is cleared as needed

Package includes:

  • A 48-inch wide blade head
  • A 9-foot pole handle
  • 25-feet of rope
  • A hand sharpener 
  • Blade Covers

The Weed Razor weighs 8 pounds.

Warning: The Weed Razor is exceptionally sharp! During assembly, use, or stowing, the use of gloves is highly advisable.